Athletics at Beloit College

Play the sport you love

Beloit athletes compete because they want to. Each athlete is passionate about getting the most out of their college experience: pursuing a meaningful liberal arts education, being part of a close-knit community, 和 playing the game they love.

That experience is a powerful combination. College athletes are recognized as valuable hires by employers, being able to work in teams, set goals, work to attain them, manage time, 和 solve problems with resilience.

During Practice

Your teammates are your closest friends 和 your toughest adversaries. 的y come from all over the world 和 push you every day to be the very best version of yourself as both an athlete 和 as a teammate.

In the Classroom

Beloit student-athletes are classroom leaders in teamwork 和 discipline, bringing the tenacity they’ve honed in the gym 和 on the court 和 showing the whole campus the benefits of consistent hard work.

On the Field

的 Bucs have a proud tradition of being unselfish, team-first, winners. Your teammates will hold you accountable, will have your back, 和 will raise you up. At Beloit, we win as one.

in their own words

Hear from Beloit athletes


Garrison Ferone'22

“的y’re really supportive guys, 和 every year, the older guys mentor the younger guys. 的n that gets passed on. It’s a system that breeds a lot of positivity 和 a lot of good friends between us.” - Garrison Ferone’22

Ben’25 和 Max’23
Swimming & Diving

Ben'25 和 Max'23 Saladar

“Being a student-athlete means you have to find a balance between sports, 睡眠, 和 school while at the same time getting to represent our college in our sport. It’s a tricky balance to find, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.” - Ben Saladar’25

Addy’24, Liz’24, Hannah’24
Women’s Basketball

Hannah Welte, Addy Ciochon, 和 Liz Kalk (all class of 2024) have shot hoops together since they ...

“At Beloit College, I came in not knowing what I wanted to do or what I was interested in. It’s really helping me find what I’m passionate about.” - Addy Ciochon’24

A Career in Broadcasting

Calling the big leagues

Joe Davis’10 soared to a coveted post as the play-by-play announcer for the L.A. Dodgers after iconic broadcaster Vin Scully retired.

Pursuing the profession you love, excelling wildly, 和 being well compensated for it—that’s pretty much anyone’s definition of a dream job. And it is certainly Joe Davis’s, who will be the first to tell you that he didn’t build his career all on his own.

It took a college. Beloit “set me up to get ahead of the curve when I graduated,” Davis says.

Read Joe’s story

Hard work behind the scenes is one secret to Davis's success. Even in the off-season, he's often ...

Excellence in Everything

Athlete, archivist, Fulbright scholar

Eva Laun-Smith’21, a history major 和 decorated track 和 fieldvolleyball athlete, graduated with highest honors from Beloit 和 with a Fulbright Student Award to teach English in South Korea.

“I think Beloit has taught me that anything is as good as you make it,” says Laun-Smith. “Going into this [track & field] program, I’m just going to make it the best experience that I can.”

Read Eva’s story

Eva Laun-Smith'21 competes in the 2018 NCAA Division III Outdoor Track 和 Field Championships Ev...

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