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Are you ready to experience the Beloit Impact?

We prepare students to not only find a career, but to stand out and thrive in whatever they want to do. That’s the Beloit impact.

Beloit students are always able to speak with an advisor about career and internship opportunities at Beloit students are always able to speak with an advisor about career and internship opportunities at Career Works.

Bring your interests — we’ll provide opportunities with impact

Beloiters have many opportunities to learn from and work with the local Beloit community, from internships to Beloiters have many opportunities to learn from and work with the local Beloit community, from internships to collecting local histories. Beloit is positioned to help students prepare for meaningful lives after college. Beloit students graduate ahead of the game: knowing how to learn, grow, and succeed throughout their lives.

We achieve this through Impact Beloit, our initiative that ensures career exploration and readiness are integrated throughout the curriculum and student experience.

This means there are plenty of opportunities for you to learn professional skills and prepare for your own career, often working with our local community organizations and businesses.

Programs ready to help make an impact

You will discover a range of offices and programs dedicated to your career and work experience within Impact Beloit:

Students screen dirt for artifacts during an anthropological survey on campus.

Explore your possibilities

Where students make direct connections between their Beloit experiences and careers, exploring their interests in one or more of our eight career channels to identify potential pathways.

A Beloit College student hones their career search skills in mock interviews.

Find and prepare for opportunities

Providing students with advice, mentorship, networking, and other experiences via a professionally staffed career center to help them prepare resumes, secure internships, apply for jobs, and be admitted to graduate school.

James Wicker'21 using CELEB's CNC machine to prepare for a build

Workshop your many ideas

An innovative building in downtown Beloit that provides mentorship, space, and resources to help students turn ideas into reality through its start-up incubator, student-run art gallery, film and media production lab, student-led foundation, music recording studio, a maker lab for hands-on creativity and collaboration, and more.

Beloit Farmer's Market is every Saturday from May to October.

Learn from professionals

Making Beloit College an essential part of the city’s ecosystem by creating opportunities for students to learn responsible, informed citizenship through volunteering and other forms of community engagement, and by expanding the college’s outreach in arts, athletics, residencies, and other enrichment programs.

Saad Ahsan'21, Garrett Moore'20, and Beth Burnson'88 chat during Beloit's 2019 Econ Day in Chicago.

Find support anywhere

From providing internships and connections to professionals within their fields, to helping students get ready for an important interview, to opening doors in a new city, Beloit alumni are available to mentor and guide students.

Your classroom is everywhere

Buccaneer Boathouse, one example of &... Buccaneer Boathouse, one example of Beloit's student-led clubs and organizations, helps the college community access and enjoy the local Rock River safely. There are many things you cannot learn in a classroom. We intentionally blur the lines between curricular and co-curricular, campus and community, classroom and career.

You will discover quickly that anything you do can be a learning experience. Leading a campus club, planning a major event, taking a position in student government: your experiences help build skills that employers and graduate schools value most.

At Beloit, there are many opportunities for you to pursue a an internship or undergraduate research project. Each will be more than a line on a resume: we make sure you learn all you can from each opportunity, and you can even get academic credit for your internships.

Making your own impact after Beloit

Beloit students graduate ready to find success in their careers and contribute to the world.

Our Career Center helps you create compelling applications for internships, jobs, or graduate programs. Advisors work with you to polish your resume, practice your interview skills, and help you understand the values that are important in the workplace.

You’ll have the opportunity to be paired with Beloit alumni mentors through Alumni Connections. Your fellow Beloiters offer inspiration, practical guidance, and access to the professional networks you need to succeed.

When the time comes for you to start your career, you will be well-equipped to find the opportunities you want, stand-out, and start making your own impact on the world. In time, you will become the inspiration for future Beloiters, just as our alumni mentors will be for you.

Blazing her own (hiking) trail
Doing what you love

Blazing her own (hiking) trail

Environmental geology and biology double major Emmalynn May’23 worked with the Montana Conservation Corps, mentoring students, maintaining hiking trails, and paving her own way for a career of protecting state and national parks.

The experience has transformed Emmalynn’s hopes for her own career post-Beloit. The Maryland native is hoping to end up back in Montana, or at least out west, with the hopes of working with Montana Conservation Corps again, and later for an agency like the National Forest Service or the Bureau of Land Management.

“Knowing that I have this [career] on the other side has made me pretty excited,” she says. “I feel ready.”


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